Facebook search

Are you searching a specific person or post? You might want to use Facebook Search for this. Facebook search offers you the opportunity to find posts a persons by just entering a few keywords in the search field. Of course, you can use the Facebook search field in your Facebook account, but there are also other ways to search Facebook. Most people use the search platform from Facebook (search.fb.com) in order to search without having a Facebook account.

Facebook search old friends

Do you want to contact your old friends from high school, but can’t you remember their names? You might want to try using Facebook search to find your old friends. With just a few keywords, Facebook can find profiles that match your search terms. Facebook will also look at your current friend list, in order to find old friends. You won’t be the first that found that old friend using the Facebook search tool, you sure want to try it out!

How Facebook search works

Facebook search is really easy to use. You just have to enter a few search terms in the Facebook search field. In a few seconds, Facebook is able to find all the relevant posts and people that match your search criteria. The big advantage of Facebook search is that it’s completely free and you can find all the information you need using it. We recommend you to use the in-profile search field of Facebook search, you will need to login for that. With this search method, you will be able to find the best results. Of course you want also want to try to use Google first, to find your search terms.

Facebook search

Can I also use Facebook search?

If you own a Facebook account, you can use the Facebook search for free. Please login to your FB account in order to use the Facebook search tool.